Monday, October 1, 2007

Lunchspot 3. Ridge at Main St. & Buckner Rd.

Situated on a ridge, this elevated lunchspot, nicknamed "Station Heights," offers a nice alta vista of the SH/TS area, including the Columbia - Buckner Rd. intersection, the nearby high school, and the hills beyond. It also has a variety of low-visibility picnic potentials provided by bulldozed embankments. The property is for sale but currently unattended. Pass by the gravel drives and patches of dirt and head for the shade of the trees. Sit on the concrete curb (you're likely to find an empty 20 oz. or two here in brown bags) and have a sandwich, or maybe some pasta salad you made last night. After you eat, give a hoot and help the bums with their bottles, too. The Shell station is just down the slope and has trash cans outside, as well as picnic benches for the less adventurous. The Daily's may well serve for emergency lunch supplements such as water.

Figure 1. Lunchspot in Map View showing access road.

This lunchspot features Shade, View and Improvised Seating

Figure 2. Showing lunchspot in hybrid view. Recent development has cleared some of the tree cover.

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